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The Hotel Spax Kusatsu is located on a hill facing the Saino-Kawara Park and is convenient to access to Yubatake(gush out hot spring) on foot.

The hotel is rated as 5 stars by Rakuten( one of well-known travel agency in Japan) and the facility is attached to a condominium.

The hotel has 20 rooms and we believe it is an appropriate size to serve guests form our heart.

The restaurant serves fresh vegetables and delicious meat both grown locally.


Staying at a traditional tatami (straw mat) room means sleeping on futon placed on tatami floor.

Bathing in a communal hot spring bath, and kaiseki-style cuisine wearing yukata offer guests to enjoy Japanese culture.


Kusatsu Onsen (Kusatsu Hot Spring Resort) is located 1,200 meters above sea level thus the circumference is rich in nature and surrounded by forest.

It is nice to listen to the song of birds in the forest.

Kusatsu Onsen is one of the best hot spring resort in Jaapan.

Bathing in the hot spring makes guests relax and warm to the core.

Besides the hot spring, Guests can enjoy 4 seasons here because of its topography.

Spring :        Fresh green leaves in the forest.

Summer:      Pleasantly cool as summer resort.

Autumn:       Coloring leaves (maples trees, white birch, and etc, )

Winter:         Skiing


address    470-1, Kusatsu, Kusatsu-machi Agatsuma-gun, , Gunma 377-1711
        TEL:+81 279-88-2333  FAX:+81 279-88-7360     Mail:spax@olive.plala.or.jp    
check in    14:00(Last check in 22:00     check out 10:00     

Traffic access   ・Train             25 minutes by JR bus from JR Nagano-Kusatsuguchi Station.
                                                 (We will pick you up between the Kusatsu Bus Terminal and the hotel.
                                                       Please contact us.)

         ・car              It is approximately 90 minutes by car from Shibukawa interchange
                                                   of Kanetsu Expressway.    
         ・Highway bus ・Express bus・Jyoshu-Yumeguri Tokyo・Shinjyuku~Kusatsu-onsen
                                                ・Karuizawa       Tokyo・Shibuya~Karuizawa~Kusatsu-onsen
Parking     30 units  free